The Sixth Joint Japan-US Conference

The Sixth Joint Japan-US Conference on Mathematical Sociology and Rational Choice


August 19, 2016 (a day before ASA meeting)


Virginia Room, Fourth Floor, Sheraton Seattle Hotel, Seattle WA, USA (ASA meeting place)


The conference focuses on advancement of mathematical and rational choice theoretic sociology. It welcomes any topics in any discipline in the field.


ASA Rationality and Society Section
Japanese Association for Mathematical Sociology
ASA Mathematical Sociology Section


The conference consists of the following parts. Please see the final program for details.

  • Keynote Speech (Douglas Heckathorn)
  • Training Workshop (Advisers: Andreas Diekmann, Douglas Heckathorn, Yoshimichi Sato)
  • Poster Session
  • Oral Sessions

Best Papers Award

Authors Title
Marc Höglinger Can Social Norms Help to Overcome a Public Good Dilemma? The Case of Organ Procurement
Kazuhiro Kezuka Late Marriage and Transition from Arranged Marriages to Love Matches: A Search-Theoretic Approach
Shinya Obayashi Group Expansion by Collective Reputation: Game-theoretic Analyses of Collective Action
Wojtek Przepiorka, Lukas Norbutas, and Rense Corten Information Sharing Promotes Cooperation in Illicit Causes: Evidence from an Online Market in the Dark Web


Jun Kobayashi (Seikei University)
Masayuki Kanai (Senshu University)
Kikuko Nagayoshi (Tohoku University)
John Skvoretz (University of South Florida)
Douglas Heckathorn (Cornell University)

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